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The Neighbourhood Renewal Fund, through Sandwell Primary Care Trust and the Metropolitan Borough of Sandwell, has provided the framework and funding for the Eatwell project. 

Within the wider Eatwell project, we have developed Shopwell - six neighbourhoods, six shops transformed from places where everything came in cartons and plastic wrappers, to places where the staff take pride in their fresh produce.

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Fresh Produce For All

Fresh Produce For All?s vision is of communities where everyone lives within easy walking distance of a shop selling good quality fresh produce, attractively displayed, at an affordable price - a shop where fruit is as prominent on the shelf as chocolate bars; where seasonal vegetables are an appealing alternative to frozen chips. 

The company, one of the new breed of social enterprises, is aiming to involve young and old in initiatives that promote a healthy lifestyle and build shared community values.

The project team has applied for grant-funding for a national roll-out from 2006 - 2010.